Fendi Pequin Collection

The world of Fendi is made up of tensions and contrasts. A tradition that never slips into nostalgia, an irresistible urge towards innovation. Different drives synthesised into unmistakable signatures: essential charged with energy, rigorous or opulent. A quest for modernity, in every form, in a confluence of different languages.

The pequin motif is the most perfect expression of Fendi’s modernist spirit, created in 1983, it was inspired by the work of the architect Josef Hoffmann and his relish for geometric abstraction harnessed to the search for absolute clarity: the pequin deconstructs the Fendi monogram, transforming it into an abstract affirmative pattern.

Fendi Pequin

Fendi Pequin

Fendi Pequin Bag

Fendi Pequin Bag

The rhythmic double “F” is replaced by two institutional colours, black and brown, which are modulated into broad stripes reminiscent of the upholstery and ornamentation so beloved of Hoffman. The identification with Fendi is immediate, but passes through the filter of geometry. The logo becomes more abstract and more penetrating.

Originally employed in woven canvas, over the years the pequin became a basic motif on all kinds of materials, leather and furs, offering itself as a channel for expressing a whole wealth of craftsmanship and expertise. The pattern’s utter simplicity exalts the highly original beauty of the associations evoked. Once again, tradition and innovation merge in irresistible synthesis.

For Fendi, time is never an agent of nostalgia: time is present tense, a place where a wealth of different concepts of modernity flow into one iconic sign.

This season the pequin pattern – already part of the eyewear collection – has been further enhanced and beautified through the creation of custom-made materials and exquisite variations that will draw Fendi clients under the spell of one of the maison’s most iconic motifs.

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